Monday, January 3, 2011

The world spins madly on

This is simply a random compilation of thoughts. I'm sorry it isn't going to be very deep. But it represents the state of my mind right now. A jumble of musings.

Here is something I wrote in AP Lit class about the black box:

"The Black Box is where I spend most of my time (when I am not in class or at home). It is filled with so many wonderful memories. On one wall hangs all the posters from previous shows along with all the graduates from each class. Thoughout the room are props from previous and ongoing projects. The room is designed to be ambiguous. Completely neutras so as not to limit the imagination of those who use it. It is a place that encompasses chaos and serenity both. This is because the thespians that utilize the space the most are those that find peace in the entropy of the universe. It is a place of creation and magic. Bonds are forged between people and also between those people and their words. The props are faint reminders of what once was, but also a strong force pushing you to what could be."

Bear with me here. There is a poem that I love. Very much. It is called: "A Finger, Two dots, then me" by Derrick Brown. I suggest you read it. It details the relationship between these two people. It follows them into outer space. That is where they went after they died. But one died before the other, and he waited. Although they were only balls of energy then, he still found her. Here is the part I love the most:

Take your time and don't worry about getting lost.
You'll find me.
Up there, a finger and two dots away.
If you're wondering if I'll still be able to hold you
...I honestly don't know

But I do know that I could still fall for
a swish of light that comes barreling
and cascading towards me.

It will resemble your sweet definite hands.
The universe will bend.
The planets will bow.
And I will say "Oh, there you are. I been waitin' for ya. Now we can go."

I think it is the sweetest thing. So beautiful. One last thing before I leave you with this chaotic assortment of memories and feelings. There is a video that fits tonight perfectly. Tonight the stars shine, and the cool breeze is the kind that keeps your body grounded while the rest of you flies off into imagination.

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