Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Next Stop Everything

The title of this entry has many meanings. One: It is the name of a fantastic song from my favorite tv series "Doctor Who". Two: I'm applying to college and will be off soon, therefore 'next stop everything'.

I'm looking at all these different colleges right now. But I just worked on my BYU app and am almost done with my USU app, so I had some free time. There are so many options. I was looking at American nursing schools in Paris, France. Or in Aberdeen and Dublin. What if...

I can't help but wonder what if. Is it just wistful thinking or is this a push to make a choice so far removed from everything else that it is actually a possibility? I don't know. My life has become so confusing lately that I honestly don't know what to think.

I was involved in the production of 'The Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr". I had a small part, but everyone who saw me said I was like this girl that I look up to greatly. And that was the best compliment! But now that it is over, I'm lost.

It's almost like I have a hole in my heart. It was my last production in theatre, probably ever. I won't act with those people again, or have the same experience. I have found that most friendships seem to grow exponentially when you are stranded at school together, till midnight, back stage at a drama production. SO many fun memories. And I will miss it.

There is magic in the theatre. And the theatre is magic.

It is my nirvana. To an extent. There is a certain beauty that comes with holding hands in a circle, surrounded by silence, while being bathed by the faint glow of work lights. Or the magic found in the tips of your fingers as you drag them in the dark with one hand on the black wall you used for so many performances and the other hand on the light linen of the sike.

The way our show was done, there was a corridor of sorts at the very back where no one could see you. Thats where the sike hung about a foot away from the wall. That is where it was quiet.

Now, if you haven't done theatre I probably sound ridiculous. But it's not. Mostly.

But it was a great show. It's getting late and I'm needing some warm apple sauce to try to combat the day.

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