Tuesday, February 1, 2011

These are our amber days

Real quick, I just wanted to post a few of my college essays. I think they are so cool! Props to my Dad for being a major factor in getting these done!

I am a curly headed world traveler who strives for excellence. My school years thus far have been an eclectic mix of theatre, debate, travel, music, and change. I am the oldest in a family of four, plus two dogs. I have been active in my ward and branch youth programs as the class president of the Beehives, Miamaids, and Laurels. Theatre is something I enjoy greatly, both performance and production. While living in Southeast Asia I was part of an improv and classical acting school group, and traveled to Beijing for a thespian conference. Recently I was in a major school play and I am currently a part of my school’s improv troupe. As a National Forensics League member I have been captain of the forensics team, won district titles, and competed in the national tournament. As for music, I am an accomplished saxophone player in both the wind ensemble and jazz band, and taught myself both piano and guitar. I have been on the school’s academic honor roll since sixth grade and am involved in the National Honor Society. I am fluent in American sign language and soon hope to become a part of the American Sign Language Honor Society. During the summer you can find me at a local barn as a camp counselor teaching kids how to ride, groom, and tack horses. I love camping, backpacking, and travel of all kinds. I plan to pay my own way through college with minimal help from my parents, and believe that only then will I truly value my education and choose a path that makes me happy and forces me to challenge myself. I enjoy challenges and learning, so college will be the perfect environment for me.

I lived in Jakarta for two years and traveled extensively in Asia. Travel with school groups took me to Indonesia’s national parks, the Krakatoa volcano site off the Java coast, to Bali, and also to Beijing to attend an international theatre conference there. I also traveled with my family throughout Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Borneo (East Malaysia), and Thailand. The human and geographic diversity built into these experiences have shrunk distances to bring the world closer, from the slums of Jakarta to an orangutan preserve, from Singapore’s glitzy Orchard Road to devout Thai Buddhist monks and Muslim radicals.

I learned very early that you have to face trials to succeed. My Mom, now a seven year cancer survivor taught me that lesson first hand. Although listing accomplishments would be the standard approach to telling you more about myself, I know that deeper lessons lie in our reactions to life’s disappointments. Most recently and thus most painfully, I auditioned for a play that for years had been my dream to perform. As an experienced upperclassman, I was sure to fulfill my dream. But alas, I was cast in what I saw as the smallest role. Although it seemed nearly unbearable, I went into the long rehearsals with the attitude that I would do what I could with the role. Although it was painful to watch others in the parts I had visualized for myself, I received many compliments on my performance that I know I would not otherwise have had. Another experience that I’ll take with me on life’s journeys.

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