Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jagged Little Pill

Well, hello!

The summer has come and gone and everything has happened all too fast. Like always, I have more things to say than I can write right now. At least I think so. I want to do the typical "me" thing and cover it all right now, but by doing so I always seem to miss out on the big things. So forgive me if I'm a little scatter-brained.

Life is completely incredible. I forget sometimes just how amazing it is. There is this show, Pushing Daisies, which has to be one of the best shows ever to have gone into production (except for Psych, Monk, 30 Rock, Gilmore Girls, Friends, and The Tick). And on that show there is this girl who is absolutely the bomb and is so cool that I wish I could be like her. Her name is Chuck. Anyways, the Pie-Maker falls in love with her (again) [oh and he is my ideal companion for life and the beyond because he is everything anyone could ever want...minus the muscles]. She said this one phrase that I loved and it was "I feel so lucky to live somewhere where there is a sun-dappled anything."

Isn't that so true? I am so happy I can live in a world that allows things to be dappled by the sun and for beautiful words like dappled to exist. Words can do amazing things.

And for those of you poor souls who were confused by my mentioning of a short-lived and understated television program entitled The Tick, here is a little clip to enlighten your minds.


I will be back later, when I am not so exhausted and when I actually remember the things that I have to say.

Forgive my gratuitous use of youtube videos, but this last one is my spirit animal.

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