Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Life was easier when we were 3 feet tall

Wow. Life goes fast. I keep forgetting.

The reason I say that is we found a phone in our extra room that my mom had in Jakarta. It's one of the early motorola razors. My sister really wanted it because she doesn't actually have a phone. So she found the charger so we could use it. We turned it on today and found a bunch of pictures on it from there.

Now, bear with me here because I get slightly nostalgic when I think about my time overseas. But one of the reasons is that I don't have much to remember it by. We lost the majority of our pictures and I didn't keep a very good journal. Therefore, my memory is starting to fade.

It's hard because that was one of the biggest events in my life so far. I'd never had a best friend or really been accepted by people until I moved there. I'd moved to so many schools and stuff that Jakarta International School was the first school I'd been at for more than a year. I'd gone to a Catholic preschool, a different kindergarten, then I was homeschooled 1st-4th grade. Then I went to 5th grade, and then a new middle school and finally we moved to Jakarta.

I say all of that because life moves fast. I'm only seventeen and I acknowledge that and I know that things happen quickly. It may not seem so while you're in it. But it does. You look back and sometimes even regret blinking and missing that millisecond. Most people don't realize that until it's too late.

While we are so busy trying to grow up, we miss so much. You're only a kid once. You can be a 'grown up' forever. There is a song, Grow Down, and one of the lines goes like this: Life was easier when we were three feet tall. When you made mistakes you didn't have so far to fall. Problems are so far away, when you're so close to the ground. Why can't we all just grow down?

And I love that song, and that chorus in particular. (I also liked: planning for the future meant saturdays). It's so true that life seemed easier. Now I'm planning for college and such. It's a little scary. And I miss the days when I could run outside and play for hours on end with no real consequences, except maybe sunburn.

To close I guess, I'll just say that I might as well enjoy every minute I have. There will only be one August 4, 2010 in my life. And I'd like to remember it.

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