Monday, April 30, 2012

Meet Virginia

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: That last post royally sucked. My sincerest apologies. That last post sounded nothing like myself. It was bitter and cruel and I blame it on the sleep deprivation and the traveling. I was a tad bit angry at the world, specifically inhabitants of the world that are members of the opposite sex. Hence the biting words and sharp remarks. SO this will be much more me, I hope.

While on the public service announcement strain, Jacob you failed to address my brilliance in your post about people at college. Not a mention of a hipster anywhere. #disappointed.

Okay, well that settles it. Never doing hashmarks. Ever. Again.

Moving on.

Life is absolutely and utterly stupendous. I just got out of a steaming hot bath where I read one of my favorite books of all time (it was also a movie that has become a cult favorite from the eighties) and sipped on some peppermint tea. Right before that I made a homemade skin mask and ate some Toblerone. Completely fantastic. Plus, it has been nice out. Not too hot and not too cold. Maybe a little rainy, but not too shabby Virginia! I've been able to go out and hit the trails for some fun.

Along with all of that, I've gotten my first paycheck. Not the very first, don't you worry. But I recently received my first paycheck from my new job. I now work at an Indian restaurant. I'm a waitress and I am loving it! Seriously, I am convinced that I have the best job ever. I am the only caucasian american there. Three of the staff are from India, three from Nepal, one from Honduras, and one from Singapore. And only 4 of them speak English with any sort of skill (as in putting words in a logical order). It is one of the best things because I get to bring home various curries with naan and also I get to be with people. And people, may I add, are hysterical. Not just the people I work with, but the customers now. But one of my coworkers said the other day (as he went to go grab some rice for a customer) "I will be back in a stone's throw!" Now, I understand what you were trying to say, it just did not come out the way I think you meant it to...

Another great quote is to this man that has been dubbed "the most interesting man you will ever meet". I told him that I knew how to do this one task and to not worry, and in his thick Indian accent he replied "I will not." I almost died. I'm thinking in Indian accents now. It makes it very difficult to sing hymns in church because somehow I lose the spirit as I picture "While of These Emblems We Partake" in a bollywood sort of setting. Not sure how that happens...

I also want to talk a little bit about what I wrote about in that last, horrible post. So, that is a lie about all that crap about knowing people and shiz. Alright, it is true that I don't open up to people. I just don't. Unless...well there is no unless yet because there is no exception to that really. When there is, I'll let you know. But if you know even a little bit about me, then that means I think you're cool. If you know more than just a little bit about me, then we're definitely friends. I trust you then. Don't go throwing that away. I don't just throw things like that away and it is something that takes effort on my part. The whole extending of my life to you. Embrace it. And if you do so, I thank you. You shall be greatly rewarded...I'll think of something.

Well, my mind is shutting down at an alarmingly fast rate so I bid you farewell before anything bad happens. Adieu

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