Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm listening but there's no sound

Tonight is a night to write. The opening of the heavens has facilitated the opening of my mind. The thoughts flow together and have become this fluid entity that seems to have a mind of its own. Well, lets see where tonight takes me.

After the concert tonight, I was walking to my car in a mostly deserted parking lot. The rain was sprinkling and it couldn't have been lower that 50 degrees, so it was bearable. It all felt so perfect. All my cares and worries were suspended for those moments it took me to get to my car. I walked, as slowly as I could and almost wanted to just start dancing underneath the street light. The light rain made for this wonderful atmosphere of beauty, beginning, and peace. It was inviting you, telling you that you can follow your impulses, follow your heart, and if anyone is watching, your actions will make them appreciate you all the more.

Obviously, I'm a huge advocate of dancing in the rain. Doing anything in the rain really. There is just something so fresh and new that comes with it yet it does not seem to represent a new beginning but one built upon the foundation already laid.

Once I got in my car I just sat there for a minute or two. Listening to the rain and watching the way the light danced in the drops. Then as I was driving I pulled into the parking lot of this church along the road. I parked the car, turned off the lights, and sat. I watched the cars drive past and wondered if those people knew the same thing I did. I wondered if they could taste the magic in the rain. I pulled out my thought book and wrote an entry kind of along these same lines. With a bit more added there of course. But sitting there, I opened the door and just sat. And thought. I felt the rain fall gently on my hair and clothes and embraced that feeling, the feeling of being alive.

Like I said before, I've had a weird couple of weeks and I've been too caught up in some things. Mainly people. (But I don't want to add too much personal life stuff here. Questions? Text me.) Tonight felt so good because everything came back. My head is no longer this heavy weight on my shoulders, but it feels as if it has opened and I can now embrace so many more things. My new friends. My old ones. No reserve.

I look outside now and I see the lights reflected on the road and it looks like an artist's palette. Really, it is an artist's palette. We are the painting under the mercy of the painter.

I am exhausted, so even though it isn't late I will just end here. Goodnight.

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