Monday, June 13, 2011

The stardust of a song

I want people to hear me. I have nothing to say, and yet I want someone to read this. I wonder who exactly reads this...feel free to let me know who you are. I'm curious.

I go to seek a great perhaps. I look at the space between us and the stars and know that it is out there. The great perhaps and who ever it is that I'm going to seek it with. Maybe no one for a while. Who knows?

Right now I'm listening to my friend's playlist that he made me. The piano is gorgeous. It is transcendental. Possessing a melody that somehow floats between this world and the spiritual one, dancing the line of demarcation. The tunes of angels. I can't help but listen and look at the stars. They are forever there. The melody is somehow man trying to figure out why? Why do the stars remain there when humans do nothing to deserve it? Yes, science can explain it. But honestly and metaphysically why? I'm a poet. Stars are more than balls of hot gas. They are guides and sanctuaries.

Almost like this music. Maybe this music is what a star would sound like if it was constricted to a melody.

My iTunes is on shuffle. Strangers in the Night by Sinatra just came on. I have always loved that song. Why? Maybe because I always thought it would be beautiful to be walking along the moonlight pier and find some lost soul doing the same thing and fall in love for ever in that one instant. There is something so moving about fate. What are the chances? Somehow that always seals the love. In my mind at least. Against all odds and chances, the two right people met each other at just the right moment.

Darren Criss is on now. Do guys really think like that? If they do, why do they not express it? Seriously, girls would be all over a guy who knows how to express themselves like in Darren's song: "Sami". Okay, at least I would be. There is something so honest and true, yet beautiful and delicate about that song. You can just see him thinking of her as he wrote the song. Beating out the tune on the piano, three in the morning. "The way her hair falls in her face". It is kind of like Ben Rector's songs. Guys, girls need to hear this stuff. They need to know that they're doing something right. That they look good. That you love it when they push their hair back like that. It doesn't have to be in a romantic way. Just a guy letting a girl know she looks good.

This is the most shallow post in a while, please forgive me. And I'm off to bed. I'm going to try to go for a run before dawn. Think time.

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